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    April 19, 2013
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telling us he was injured from we are coming up on the 5:00 hour. we're not going to break with it. what we're doing is monitoring as many different types of sources as we can. at this moment. >> the latest word is that authorities we believe have suspect number two in the boston marathon bombing surrounded at 57 in watertown massachusetts in a backyard in a boat which was covered by a
canvas. it's now believed that that suspect was injured in a shoot out that happened last night. now authorities are trying to bring this man into custody. we have every reason to believe that this situation is quickly winding down. and that the nightmare that has been the last five days in boston may be at least this chapter soon over. it's bill o'reily's hour in the fox newschannel and now tonight on fox broad stations across the nation. bill good evening. >> shepherd, thank you very much. this is a special edition of the o'reily factor. it's an extended hour at this time. anything can happen at any time. so what we're going to do is pop in and out of the live coverage. we're going to go back to our affiliate channel 25 in boston. they're doing a very, very good job. they have their people very close to the second suspect. the first one as you know is dead. his brother. the second one is wounded. surrounded by police. police will get him it's just a matter of when.
so let's go back to channel 25 in boston. >> the officials are saying he is inside the boat. he is inside the boat. there was a canvas top. he appeared to be punctures holes on the canvas top. right after that is when people like paul southerland heard multiple shots. >> when your friend paul southerland said quote, all hell broke lose. >> he described it as up to 20 shots just pop, pop, pop, pop, pop one after the other. >> you're saying that the authorities will take these flash bang grenades will throw them toward the boat or in the backyard to scare the suspect. that's a typical tactic. >> it is a common tactic to startle somebody. i'm not saying that's exactly what was done here because i'm obviously not there. but i can tell you that usually, generally what they're for is to like if you kicked open a door you throw them in, you startle the people and you
go inside. you create that diverse. clearly there wasn't a diversion needed here well after the fact of all those shots being fired. >> okay, thank you. >> inside the boat they want to scare him out. >> we're going to ask you to stay right there. let's go to bob ward. bob. >> you've been watching live coverage here and continuing coverage of the dramatic developments going on in watertown massachusetts. what we understand here is that suspect number two has been cornered in the backyard of a home on franklin lane there in watertown massachusetts. apparently he has been hiding out inside a boat that is in the backyard. the woman who owned the house said she noticed that something was a little odd. she saw some bloody clothes and blood on the ground. she called authorities. that led them to this scene. they have since pulled back. they believe that the suspect is alive but is probably wounded. authorities have pulled back. they have sent in a robot to examine the situation. there was obviously a lot of
concern that this suspect may have some explosives with him. we have heard a number of what could be explosions they could also be those flash bang grenades going off that authorities will use to stun a person so they can then ve in and apprehend him. right now the police have completely surrounded this home there in watertown massachusetts where they believe this suspect is in the boat in the backyard of a home. >> it was just about 13 minutes ago that these blasts started to be heard. it was just a half an hour ago or 45 minutes ago that that initial shots were heard in the house and that's when police attended on the scene. this is one of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing, then overnight as police were in a chase, they say his older brother who was killed put out one of the pressure cooker bombs that did not go off as intended. we continue to monitor both cnn
and fox news. we are here following all angles also on social media. we want to return you right now to cnn coverage. >> we're not going into any more specifics on that. but that person, that neighbor said that person's house had not been searched. so clearly there's some areas that have not been searched. for the large number of police that we've seen they've been very methodical having to go door by door, house by house and block by block. >> to back off a little bit and give the individual an opportunity to try to move or let down his guard. but they've been very effective. and you know i think that they're going to be very deliberate as they go forward here. i'm optimistic that their odds are in their favor to pick him up alive if this is the individual. >> we don't know that for a fact other than law enforcement
the áf says it's a possible suspect. how confident are you hearing from your sources. >> they're quite confident. they engaged the suspect with gunfire. did they wound the suspect. we don't know for sure. but once they surrounded the area they have a visual of the suspect. there was indication of movement, they believed the suspect was down. as they brought more to the scene, they have visual contact of the suspect moving, i just talked to a federal source a moment ago who said those reports had seized. in terms of the movement had seized. that doesn't mean anything just that he may be still. they are now convinced that they have total visual environment. they tried to evacuate any residents in the area in the neighborhood. it's been noted, now when to move the flash bang. be methodical. they're not certain, they're not certain but they're operating under the assumption that there are explosives in that house. >> i think one of the best
examples for your viewers, i'm sure many of them saw zero dark 30 and there was an initial assault phase, helicopter come in and minutes went by by the time people started moving through. that's a parallel of what you're going to see happen tonight. within a few hours of darkness, this could be favorably resolved. >> one of our producers, lawrence cook is near the scene. what are you seeing? >> we're on washburn. we've been told that they have the suspect cornered in the backyard of a home. i'm also told that they are using flash bangs to try to get him out. the number one priority is for the police as they try to get this suspect out alive. they want to see him go to trial. i'm surprised at the amount of neighbors that have gathered around this area. there's 40 to 50 people who are sitting here in awe. within the first 30 minutes i
heard six to ten small explosions which i later found out were flash bangs, grenades. it's really a fluid scene. i'm so close with the helicopter over head. i can hear these things going on. flashing lights, it's just amazing, i've never seen anything like it. >> you get the sense that the end is near for this suspect that is cornered in in a backyard in watertown massachusetts. patti lee is just a couple of blocks away. patti heard the gunshots. she was one of the reporters who was being pushed back because it was too dangerous. pa atti is on the phone with us, describe to us what the situation is like? >> after the flash bangs, it seems to have gone quiet again. there's pretty much a crowd has gathered. which is surprising given the volatility of the situation. but for us far enough back, the
police are keeping us far enough back that we're far enough away. we also hear that the suspect has been cornered in the back of a house. we're not close enough to see any activity at this point. we had a pretty good view where some of this activity was taking place. we can't see anything. but it sure seems that every time it gets quiet something happens so i don't want to speak too soon. >> patty you earlier told us you're about 200 yards from where this is all happening. just to give you an idea of the time line, it was about 4:00 our time when you heard those gunshots fired. now since then you talked about those blasts, the possible flash bangs, that was just, we're coming up about 20 minutes ago. how would you describe the different sound between the gunshots and the blasts that you heard? >> the gunshots sounded like pops just one after the other.
these were explosions. i don't know what they were. whether they were pipe bombs or what. but they were dis distinct explosions and they were eight to 10 that we heard. given or proximity they were a lot louder. >> so patty, you say that now there's a large crowd gathering there to watch all of this that's going on? >> i don't see a lot, maybe at least 15 people. i just talked to two young men while i was on hold. they said they were driving through because, because they thought the shelter in place was over and they pulled in here. they're from a town called austin. so they are behind a cement wall. just taking this all in. >> and patti, you're at the scene the entire world seems to be watching this scene. it's been an adrenaline filled day. with not knowing what the suspect has. what is it like being at the
front seat here? >> now that things are calm, and that the chance of danger is gone, but i was talking to the photographer just a little bit ago and he told me this is completely the first time that i wouldn't say that we were shot at but we were certainly very close to where gunshots were fired. and you know that is a, an unsettling feeling. when you see people cowering and hiding behind anything that protects them it certainly feels like a war zone. certainly now you can hear the helicopter. certainly, i don't know if you can hear me the helicopter is directly over head. it's just surreal. >> patti, are more police officers arriving as we speak or has, have all of them essentially gotten there and now basically they just have this person surrounded.
they've set up a perimeter and they are plotting their next strategy? >> i think you nailed it frank. i think that's exactly what's happened. i mean, the only thing that i think may be happening that this helicopter is moving and at some point it's certainly hoovering, i hear fire now. i don't know what, if that's an ambulance or police car. but that's the first time i've heard a siren in a little while. and sounds like it's coming close. >> patti is the helicopter shining, we haven't seen the helicopter in our shots here that we're showing you. is it shining a spotlight down on the backyard of that home? >> no it's not. it's just hoovering. so i don't know what it's role is. if it has some kind of infrared. you know sensor in it looking for you know looking for other people. but it has now flown off.
i have not heard it. this ambulance is standing by. we have a lot of officers standing by. but they are mostly here for crowd control. they are mostly hear to keep an eye on media and keep some of the bystanders away from this area. so we've been quardened off. and i believe there's a fox reporter close by. >> patti, thank you. she talks about when you're moved away from the field. that's when you know you are in danger. patti if you don't mind staying with us. we go to eric rasmussen. he's been following the -- following some of the local media and social media. >> that's right. they've been putting out information about what they can
see and what they're hearing. according to the boston globe police are still concerned that the suspect could be wearing a suicide bomb vest of some kind. that's according to an official source that's talking to the boston globe. when it comes to the flash bangs, there are some reports that there are flash bangs. those are to disorient a suspect before they move in. and there's 50 to 70 people police, fire, fbi all kinds of authorities that have converged in this single area. at some point had a tarp in it. that's where this suspect is at this point. they are approaching them very cautiously. according to the reporting we're hearing from individual reporters on the ground there. some concern that the suspect
could be wearing some sort of an explosive device. it would certainly explain why they are taking this so carefully and so slowly at this point. >> all right, eric rasmussen our newsroom. it's coming up at 5:15 here. in case you happen to be joining us. they believe that suspect number two, the 19-year-old brother is hold up in the backyard of a home in watertown massachusetts. they believe that he is inside a boat that is in the backyard. there is the possibility, possibility here that he may have been injured. police have pulled back. we've heard a series of explosions, stun grenades those type of things that police set off to stun the suspect if you will before they move in. they have also sent a robot in because as you heard eric mention, they are concerned, very concerned here that the suspect may have explosives with him or even possibly may be wearing a suicide vest. >> well the fact that we have not seen anything because of
it, there has been some activity inside the boat where police believe he is hold up inside. as frank was just mentioning they saw the bomb squad come in but they did not, they arrived but they never moved in close because of that concern. they were we believe planning to send a robot in which can be a safer option at this point. they also were doing some evacuations in the area which would make sense because in light of what we're learning. patti lee is still on this scene. patti if you're there. you saw some of the people being evacuated including young children. >> patti can you hear us? >> i'm sorry, i did not hear any of that. >> patti let me back up here. we've heard these explosions, probably maybe 10, 15 minutes ago. what has happened since then, what is going on right now? >> i'm sorry, i'm trying to listen. we can hear a little bit of
scanner activity. it's funny, a helicopter light has gone up over this area. it flew over me like 10 seconds and it's gone again. we're now starting to hear some noise from the scanner. something we haven't heard before. right now a police officer is driving off this area heading toward some where else. so we're not exactly sure what is going on right now. i suspect in the next few minutes, we're going to be hearing some developments because there's some activity going on here in terms of police moving to a different location. >> we see law enforcement arriving lights flashing. we're hearing possible reports that they may want to flood the boat with light. they want to light it up because it's getting dark and that could be a concern with the investigation. have you seen anything change whether it be in the area in
terms of lighting that area up? >> like i said, they did light that area up shortly after we talked about the fact they hasn't -- hadn 't lit up this area. it came through here for a few seconds and then it flew off. now we have no light. given that we're three minutes ahead, there's no light here. >> time favors the police. they are in no hurry. it seems this suspect is not going to be able to go any where. he is completely surrounded he may even be wounded. you're a couple of blocks away. you're surrounded by other reporters and onlookers. >> officers, right right now i'm looking at seven officers who are lined up in front of us. there's a line of reporters and photographers, all of the
cameras are trained on this hill where a helicopter has been flying 15 minutes ago. it's showing light in that area and it flew away. and earlier these officers were not close to us. so i don't know why they feel like they need to keep a closer eye on us at this point. but, it's relatively quiet here. but again, i feel like every time i say that something happens. >> and patti a very dangerous situation. you're at about 200 yards. we want to thank you on your reporter and we will check back in with you. the fbi did interview the older bombing suspect. the older suspect is the brother tamerlan tsarnaev, the
suspect who died earlier in a gun battle with police. the suspect they're looking for now is dzhokhar tsarnaev. we are going to join cnn coverage. >> david, patrick producer is also joining us. david, you were one of the first on scene reports we had of officers moving in with guns drawn. what are you seeing now from your vantage point? we're having problem hearing you on your cell phone. we'll try to get a better connection. call us back as soon as you can.
you heard it, officers trying to get communication with the suspect. >> that's the way to go. get him to walk out. get him to walk out with his hands raised. they can get a visual on him to make sure he's not wearing any explosives. and hope they can get that to go and it'll be successful. >> there's been reports that his brother had explosives on him. have we confirmed that. >> the brother definitely had exprosieves from him. there was a trigger mechanism as well -- explosives from him. there was a trigger mechanism as well. >> do we know what kind of trigger mechanism. >> no, and that would be good
to know because you can learn where it came from. >> there's some that automatically flip the circuit and it can detonate. you've heard people having disrobe partially or completely earlier in the day. that's common tactic over in afghanistan. when you are concerned that might be the case. it makes a lot of sense to do it here. >> from a tactical standpoint is there any way to prevent that? i've always been told a head shot is the only way. >> when you're trying to capture him alive to get the information that you really do want to get. one of the things you can do is you can make good use of canines, you can send the canine up there. i've trained canines who are
good enough to be let off their leash and they will sit on him if there's an explosive device. >> you have no doubt given the lack of information that everybody has about the suspect at this point. they would like to capture him alive. not only just from the justice standpoint but even an intelligence gathering standpoint. >> i think that we want to know how this happened. you know, our national, our department of national security wants to know how this happened. the fbi wants to know how this happenedded so that we can keep similar incidents from happening in the future. and he is a big key to that. so it would be adventagious to get him alive. >> the brother was the ring leader. this is an individual we know went to russia, he stayed for six months. what he did there there's speculation that perhaps he may have gone and gotten some training there.
>> bottom line we do not know. >> we do not know what he did there but we know that the fbi spoke to him. subsequently at the request of the foreign government. >> at the request of the foreign government he had these conversations with him. which foreign government was it possible. that will be all part of the lessons learned if you will. and the further intelligence gathering. two giant concerns right now one is the immediate one to get the second suspect hopefully into custody but certainly to get the second suspect off the field if you will. then we'll go back and look at the lessons learned and those will be the questions raised. did they miss any flags with this guy. specifically when he did leave the country what specifically was he doing? was he trained by somebody else. because this is sadly available on the internet. these are all questions they very much want to answer but they have an immediate concern this evening. >> it's interesting to me to look at the names of these young men. tamerlan, probably tamerlane
was a great islamic warrior who had many campaigns that resulted in the deaths of millions of the people. and also you know the young brother dzhokhar a similar name to the first president of the czech republic. the islamic republic that was formed there. i don't know if there's anything about identity when you're given a name like that as a youth. what does that do to your mind set and your self-imagine and identity and what's expected of you. >> interesting to hear the profilers talk about that. >> there's a 19-year-old who we believe is a suspect now cornered authorities believe with some level of confidence that is who they have cornered in this boat. we know he came to the united states at the age of 8 years old back in 2002 i believe it was. his brother who died last night died at the age of 26 came four years later. i believe it was at the age of 20. who did not himself become a u.s. citizen but did get a green card. >> but you know the fighting in
chechnya started in 2004 and did not end until 2009. during their formative years they have seen patrols, they have seen armed action. >> one uncle said the younger son had never actually been to chechnya as an adult. so we don't know about the older one. >> they were in their early early years. >> we don't know in fact, if they ever became radicalized. the motive is very unknown. and we're told that they lived in the border of chechnya not chechnya proper. but there's a question of who may have motivated the older
brother to become so radicalized. >> even recently there's been some killings that have been causing concern. a lot happening at this hour. this was video that was taken earlier. obviously you can tell by the light. it's now dark out here. you see heavily armed units moving into the area of this house. i mean, jeff peady with the fbi. the police has to feel confident having a secure perimeter. >> i am sure they do. but they will also be concerned if he boobie trapped the location. they want to make good use of canine and robots to make sure they make their approach. there's no rush. they can be deliberate.
he can't go any where, they do have it contained. >> and we have a former cia officer in the middle east throughout the world. bob as you watch this operation unfold and when you hear the information from several sources that a foreign government did request that the fbi interview the older brother, i believe it was back in 2011 if i'm not mistaken after he returned from russia. do you see that as very significant or is that kind of thing more routine. >> no that's significant. it was probably the russians came to the cia or the fbi and said, look. we think this guy may have been recruited. what has he done. where has he been. what's his status in massachusetts. the russians are really in control in terms of intelligence. whether it's chechnya. they have the expertise. they speak the languages.
the fbi and cia have stayed away from these regions because they are so complicated. they have not been a threat today. so we affirm a foreign government. now we don't entirely trust the russians but it's indicative we're looking at an organization behind these two boys. >> again, coming up on the 5:30 hour here and we want to bring you up to speed on what's going in case you are just joining us. it's believed that suspect number two in the boston marathon bombings is cornered. police have completely surrounded the area. they've been using an infrared camera from their helicopter and they have seen some movement so they believe that the suspect is still alive. but they he has probably been injured.
there have also been reports of several explosions up to perhaps 12, 14 explosions. we don't know whether those were explosives set off by the suspect or if they were flash bangs. >> you can imagine for fbi and police trying to go in concerned if the suspect, the 19-year-old college student has something strapped to him. any explosive devices that could harm them. just to give you a time line, we're at 5:30, it was about an hour and a half that we heard gunshots. patti lee heard. we're coming on about 40 minutes after that we haven't heard anything. you can imagine tactically they've been trying to determine what to do. and we're going to go to eric
rasmussen. there's a lot more information out there. and police are concerned about that. >> people have access via the internet to listen to the police scanners as that information is going out there. some people have been then tweeting that information out, little bits at a time. police have come right out and said we don't want people to do that. so what we're doing is monitoring what some of the reporters on the ground. what some of the boston news information are telling you. what i've been looking is what's being reported from multiple area boston is that neighbors have reported seeing the suspect covered in blood. police have seen the suspect sit up and at some point the police rather have used flash bangs that they've thrown in there to try to disorient this suspect. you would think before trying to go in and take this person
alive. some other information that's going out. the news organization, a tv station in boston has reported that one of the people who first called police to draw them to this area said that they noticed some blood by the boat. and that may be in fact, what got police to focus in on this particular property in watertown earlier this afternoon when all this news broke. coming in cnn it is reporting that police have been yelling trekly -- yelling directly at this person in the boat to come out with their hands up. one of the things being reported in the watertown area i should say in the next few minutes neighbors are reporting seeing the suspect covered in blood. certainly a troubling development and we're going to continue to monitor what coming up next. >> thank you, eric. obviously as we've been talking about. in a situation like this time plays into the hands of authorities. they are in no hurry here. they don't want anybody to get hurt. any police authorities to get
hurt here and from what we understand they would like to catch this suspect alive. because that way they can debrief him. find out was it just he and his brother operating on their own. did they have help from other people. what was the motivation behind all of this. they would like to catch him alive. so in cases like this, police are in no hurry to move in because time favors them. they can take their time. they can figure out how they want to apprehend this suspect. what they want to do. what tactical steps they want to take to catch this person. it's just a matter of time. there's no way this person is going to escape. neighbors say this person is covered in blood. we certainly get the sense that he has been injured. and he is absolutely surrounded. we've heard reports of as many as 60 to 80 possibly 100 authorities on the scene. because after there were shots fired around 4:00 afternoon our time authorities just swarmed into that area and again they now have this house there
completely surrounded. >> we've talked to someone earlier this morning when the s.w.a.t. teams went door to door to door actually going in with their guns drawn. initial reports are that police did not search this current house where suspect number two is currently hold up in the backyard. we have yet to learn where exactly in the area it is. essentially all of watertown had been on lock down today. at 5:30, we're going to follow all developments of this. we want to check in to cnn. >> but one of the other things that's possible is, if they had an inkling that the suspect may be where he currently is, perhaps they didn't want to heat that area up too much and wanted to back off a little bit. cause of relaxation and in a more subtle in, try to
evacuate residents so they're not put in the risk of a final fire fight. we'll have to see what their thinking was. >> in terms of the timing of this. this all began -- >> okay well obviously we're having a little bit of a difficult here with our connection with cnn. again we are monitoring as many different sources as we can. as soon as we get that signal reestablished we will take you back out to watertown. there you see the live pictures, or pictures taken a few hours ago. a huge police presence at watertown. the police came out and said, you know what we have searched 20 blocks, we have not found the suspect. we've gone through a number of homes, we just don't know where he is. we can't keep everyone on lock down so the lock down is now over. shortly after that, there was a volley of gunfire. at that point police swarmed into the area. since then they believe that
they have this suspect hold up in the backyard of a home inside a boat. maybe a half an hour or so ago we heard explosions. presumably they were flash bangs, stun grenades police were throwing in. however it's possible that the suspect set off some explosions himself. we just don't know. there is also concern that this suspect may have armed himself with possibly a suicide built. so obviously authorities are being very careful here. taking their time with what they are doing. they would like to capture this man alive so that hopefully they can debrief him. find out what the motivation was and whether he had any help aside from his brother, his older brother who was killeded in a shoot out. >> it's interesting the timing of this. it was just about an hour later or 45 minutes when this gunfire rang out. so some of us in the newsroom were speculating could this be
a tactical message to give the all clear. because we believe the suspect is held up at a boat. he may be able to monitor news outlets and find out exactly what police are doing at this point. 5:36 right now. we have heard no noises from our patti lee. she has not reported any recent sounds. but we did earlier talk to a woman who was a professor in the area. and she's telling us how intense this whole thing is. if you think about how many people are affected by this. you have an entire town who have been put on lock down. it was only brought back online for about 45 minutes before it was shut down again. >> we are going to honor various sources to bring you the most current information. we're going to rejoin cnn coverage. they have a team of reporters covering the latest. >> the world is listening to
what's going on because there's all kind of radio traffic. you can hear what's going on. at that time i will never forget this sight. a number of squad cars came through and one of them had the back doors literally flying over. you could see inside the s.w.a.t. members hanging on for life. we're far enough here that we've heard flash bangs. we've seen city buses full of police officers being taken in and out again. we're seeing helicopter going by occasionally. and here we have spots where like always, we have neighbors standing by. >> it's very confusing to get the logistical lay out of
this. when suspect number one was killed in that stand off with police, to where we now believe suspect number two is cornered, how far away are those distances? >> well, it's almost like a triangular distance i would say. and maybe drew can help us because he was here at that exact moment. but i think where we are now is in the the general area of where that chase wound up. so they could give you a little more precise information on that. but we're close to where that
broke out. when we started the day, the street was barren. it was very -- >> susan, i -- i have to -- susan i just have to jump in. i've just received this information, this is from cnn new york from jason kessler. while executing a search warrant in new bedford massachusetts at a resident believed to be associated with dzhokhar police took in three people for questioning. the residents searched by the fbi is private off campus housing for students. while executing a search warrant in new bedford massachusetts, this at a residence that is believed to
be associated with 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, police took in three people for questioning. there's been question whether this suspect was living on campus or whether he was at this residence that was being searched throughout the day. it doesn't look like we know that one way or the other. >> and it's only safe to say that they've been taken in for questioning. >> absolutely. >> so now we wait to see from the fbi, new bedford police said they were taken in for questioning. we'll see by the fbi if they are persons of interest or perhaps they're just trying to get information on where he's been the last few days, any threatening behavior. three people at a prior residence taking in for
questioning. not surprising. now are they acting alone or not. >> the mother had lived here and the father had lived here on and off as well. three sisters, i believe one of which is married perhaps both are married but we don't know the full details on the family dynamic at this point. cindy candiati was just telling us. sorry, i know you said it was in a triangular area. what i'm trying to establish is how long he may have gone of that shooting nut early morning hours to the location where he is believed to be now. do we know about how far? >> i think it's around a mile or less than that. but i'm not absolutely sure about that. but that's why i keep directing you to i think that drew might not the answer. i just wanted to add with the questioning of other people. remember, late this afternoon we were also told that so far they had no evidence of any
accomplices, no evidence so far. but obviously as part of the investigation they want to know who whoever knows him, hung out with him, knew him. to try to track down where he was. >> police confirmed they found a number of homemade, what's described as homemade explosive devices in various scenes in watertown. in the scene where there had been the scene of gunfire and explosives correct. >> that's right. but they haven't been precise in terms of defining. but clearly it would include all the homemade pipe bomb. >> susan i have to interrupt. what are you hearing? >> we just set ourselves up, i can't say where it is. we have a visual on the boat.
-- we're too far away to hear. but a helicopter -- but we have a visual on the boat. >> bryan, we can't hear you. i don't know if you're on the move. let's get elizabeth cohen who's near by. what are you hearing. >> i'm not sure exactly what just happened but the police here erupted in applause. they erupted in applause. the police car came out and took a rest and headed down the street. someone yelled out is that him and the police officer said yes. that's all i know. that's all i can tell you from here. i don't know what it means but there was a definite round of applause from police as the car drove away. as the police car drove away. >> did you see anything, the obvious question, did you see anybody in the back of that
police car? >> it was impossible to see. it was totally dark. it was impossible to see. >> what could here be a huge development. it appears that the suspect, suspect number two this 19-year- old man may now be in custody. as you heard a moment ago. that reporter there saying that she saw a car go by, a police car go by and police in the area broke out in applause. we're also seeing some tweets from reporters on the scene saying that from their understanding, from their sources, the suspect, the 19- year-old suspect in this boston marathon bombing may now be in custody. just taken into custody moments ago. >> we're told it appears that this second suspect in the second marathon bombings is alive and in custody. we can tell you five days after the initial bombing at the boston marathon. it appears that police have arrested a suspect. this is a huge development. this is what authorities had hoped for because he is still alive really they can get so
much more information or at least they can question him because that was a concern with his brother. his older brother who was shot and killed earlier today. >> cnn has more information on this now. let's rejoin cnn coverage for more on what it appears is the arrest of this suspect. >> the question was there was applause among the police and applause amongst the residents. again i'm just painting a picture here describing the scene. again there was applause from the police as a police car drove out and down the street. >> 8:45 p.m. applause from the police. residents saying to the police, did you get him. one police officer saying, yes. vehicle driving away. that's all the information we
have. reports that he was on campus on wednesday. a swipe card showed that he went into the building and spent the night in his dorm room. that has been confirmed. >> at around 8:45 the most clear word, most positive word we have gotten from one of our -- boston police have just, the boston police department has just tweeted suspect in custody. let me repeat that, around 8:45 p.m., boston police department just tweeted that the suspect is in fact, in custody. this seems to verify what our elizabeth cohen witnessed. a neighbor asking, did you get him. a police officer said yes as the police vehicle drove off. what happens now? >> we're in the legal process. are it criminal terrorism. whether our courts can handle terrorism. they can. this is going to be a long
procedural -- >> we can now confirm boston says that the suspect is alive. they just tweeted about a moment ago that officers are sweeping tharea. this brings to an end several days of essentially terror in boston area. people who had been told to stay inside their house all day today in the watertown area which is a suburb of boston. >> presumably. the suspect has been injured, we don't know the severity of his injuries. >> and this comes from boston police themselves, it sent out a tweet that the suspect is in custody. and washington postas far as condition of the suspect is concerned, is saying, that law enforcement on scene is reporting the suspect is alive but badly injured.
and i'm reading this, again to attribute from the washington post. lit fire in a boat where he is hiding. still a scene that is very active. even though we heard reports of law enforcement high fiving each other, there's still a very active scene there with this suspect in custody who may very well need some serious medical attention at this point. >> at least eric here the citizens in the boston area can breathe a sigh of relief. cnn just reported a couple of minutes ago that the fbi has taken three people into custody, two males and a female in new bedford. new bedford is closer to boston proper. they have taken three people into custody who may be affiliated with these two suspects. we don't know any more than that. we don't know what the connection is. but that is what cnn is reporting that the fbi has taken three people into
custody. but again the headline here, this second suspect just taken into custody moments ago. it has been a wild and crazy 24 hours here. starting with this massive shoot out last night that included explosions, a police chase. unfortunately an mit police officer was shot and killed. one of the two brothers, the older of the two was shot and killed as well. and now the younger brother, the 19-year-old has just been taken into custody. >> there are still a lot of questions, we don't know anything about a motive. police have not yesterday sate -- not yet said if these people who they are calling terrorists if they are local or their ties to chechnya. we want to return you now to cnn for their very latest. >> at this moment, the least tense we've seen them all day long. and no doubt the city of boston, watertown, all the surrounding area a lot of people breathing a big sigh of
relief. the big hope of course now that the suspect is in custody is that authorities have the right people. our jeff tubin is live. senior legal analyst. jeffrey from a legal standpoint, assuming this person needs medical attention. what happens now as the wheels of justice begin to move. >> well the first thing that will happen is that the u.s. attorney's office will prepare a complaint. which will be an affidavit by an fbi agent which will lay out the basics of the case against him. he will then be arranged. he will get a defense attorney and he will have an arrangement. in normal circumstances one arrested on friday night will likely not be arranged until monday morning. because of the special circumstances he might be arraigned tomorrow if he is in good condition aside from the fact of bail.
he will not get bail. they will set the trial 30 days forward. in the next 30 days he will be indicted by a grand jury with the initial charges. then the case will be assigned to a federal district judge. and that's when the case will really begin. but the next legal event will be an arraignment, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps monday. in any case at a time when he is physically able to be arraigned. >> so at this point, i assume what he's been read his miranda rights. at which time does he get council? >> he will get council more or less immediately if he asks for it. certainly he will be read his miranda rights. since this was an nbi arrest, he will be read his miranda rights. he doesn't have to ask for a lawyer, he could mamake
statements that could later be used against him. you can ask for an attorney or you can make a statement. >> let me jump in here i want to check in with john king. john you're hearing more from -- >> i just want to pass along information from our producer carol credy. two federal law enforcement officials have confirmed to her they have identified the identity. it is the younger brother suspect number two that is in custody. now they say federal officials have verifieded the identity. the official i communicated with said in custody, unspecified medical needs. they are now sweeping the area. >> bryan, what are you seeing. what did you see go down? >> anderson we just observed the scene from a rooftop probably 500-yard away from the backyard area. it had calmed down but we did see some police activity in the backyard. flashlights moving around. a police chopper had returned
to the scene. it has visibly calmed down. they were not flood lighting the boat anymore but they did have a dimmer light on it. and police and possibly vehicles had come to the back area. there seems to be some kind of an alley way or something behind that house. we did see that activity. from the rooftop then police came and moved us off the rooftop pretty quickly. >> all right, it is, it is the end. it is the end of this massive man hunt that has been going on now, this operation that began 10:00 last night. it was first reported as a robbery in massachusetts. 24 hour period, this has been tom fuentes formerly from the fbi is standing by monitoring all of this as well. tommy your thoughts at this moment? >> anderson i just wanted to give you one possible scenario
which occurred in the under wear bomber case. after he was arrested he was provided his miranda rights by an fbi agent who was about to start questioning him. now he required medical attention because of burns he received from explosive device. so they accompanied to the hospital. he was given the miranda rights. that interview was 18 hours before he had enough and took it in. so if he wants to waive his rights he doesn't immediately have to get booked and get a defense attorney assigned. we don't know exactly how severe his injuries are. i would think they're not that severe. they had an ambulance at the scene. if he required that degree of medical care he would have been transported by an ambulance rather than by police. so in this case, it's really going to depend on what his
attitude is when the agents try to talk to him. they'll give him his rights. if he says, i'm exercising my rights i'm not talking. then it's over. that's fine. then they go up to the next step. he'll receive his medical treatment then he'll be booked and get a defense attorney. but if he waives his right, that changes everything. >> i want to just put up that tweet from the boston police department. this is the official confirmation there you see it. suspect in custody. officers sweeping the area. stand by for further information. julie kline. really an extraordinary moment. let's take a moment to process this. what a victory not only for law enforcement but also for the citizens of this city who not only stood tall in the face of
terrorism but who also september in pictures, sent in video and who were instrumental in catching these suspects. >> i mean this was so unique in the sense of how the citizens and the public were utilized to give information about the suspect. from beginning the investigation. to possibly you don't know whether the press conference, i'm forgetting my days now. in the press conference when police released the pictures resulted in the night. there has to be outsources and information coming in and people staying inside. i want to make it clear what that is about. because there's a thought he was so dangerous that everybody was going to be a victim. that was not true. that was to relieve public safety officials to let the man hunt, the successful man hunt could continue. because people were not out on the street, he could hide. he could only hide. he could not be walking around and that's clearly what happened. so, that is good news. the 6:00 p.m.
conference today in which they said all clear. it was government officials is probably in my professional judgment not related to what happened an hour an hour and a half later. you would not tell people to come out and then say, go back in we're in a shoot out. those were unrelated. >> susan, what's going on where you are? >> well, you see the ambulance and bomb squad trucks leaving to applause from people who are standing by. look at all these people here in the neighborhood. they're giving applause and waving and smiling. as soon as everybody got word that the suspect is in custody the same thing happened. police officers shaking hands with each other. smiling. you can see what's going on here now as more and more police cars are pulling out of this area. clearly it's over and people here are very happy that they'll be able to go back to their lives. anderson.
good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. they got him. 20 minutes after s.w.a.t. teams swarmed watertown the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings was taken into custody just a short moment ago. things started to move quickly just an hour after gunshots were heard late this afternoon in watertown. shots rang out moments after suspects announced they were scaling down their hunt for dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> he is believed to be injured. at this point we don't know the extent of those injuries. his brother was killed overnight after an intense shoot out with police officers. >> and we have live team coverage for you tonight. ktvu crews have be